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Preferred Altitude Podcast Episode - Aerobatics and US National Aerobatic Competition with Aaron McCartan

There are so many unique stories in our amazing world of aviation, and this episode highlights one of those stories.

I had the opportunity to sit down with Aaron McCartan, a pilot who really enjoys aerobatics.

This interview was recorded in October of 2017, shortly after Aaron had competed in the United States National Aerobatic Championships.  The results of that competition become timely now for the 2018 aerobatic season with Aaron’s special role as the US Advanced Aerobatic Team Captain.

You’ll also hear about Aaron’s really interesting aviation background, what he finds special about aerobatics, and about his very unique aerobatic airplane.  

I think you’re also going to get something else out of this episode though.  

I’ve always thought that aviation is such a unique community, and what I continue to be amazed with is how many unique communities there are within aviation.  

After you hear Aaron talk about aerobatics, you might very well be interested in finding out more about this special part of aviation.

Take a listen to the Preferred Altitude Podcast Episode -"Aerobatics and US National Aerobatic Competition with Aaron McCartan"

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