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Preferred Altitude Podcast Episode - Brodhead Airport’s Kelch Aviation Museum

If you’re into timeless grassroots aviation, you might have heard of a little airport in a small town in southern Wisconsin. Brodhead, Wisconsin.

And if you haven’t heard of Brodhead, Wisconsin, I think you’ll want to listen to this podcast and find out more.

This small airport in this small Wisconsin town could be described as the epicenter for those who love the “golden age” of aviation. It’s considered a home for grass-roots aviation. It’s a place that if you love aviation, once you visit, I think you’ll want to visit again and again.

And like most things in aviation, the people are even more important than the airplanes. In this episode you’ll hear about a couple of Brodhead airport people, a husband and wife, who years ago started acquiring some very unique “golden age” airplanes, and now there is a budding museum in their honor. The Kelch Aviation Museum.

Antique airplanes, vintage airplanes, unique airplanes, airplane restoration, a chili (and ski plane) fly-in, a big pancake breakfast, a fly-in for Pietenpol and Hatz airplane enthusiasts, a fly-in for the Midwest Antique Airplane Club, three grass runways, over 50 hangars, and the Kelch Aviation Museum. All of this unique and timeless aviation in a town of less than 3500 people.

Take a listen to the Preferred Altitude Podcast Episode - "Brodhead Airport’s Kelch Aviation Museum"

The Preferred Altitude Podcast - A Unique and Timeless Aviation Podcast.

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