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Preferred Altitude Podcast Episode – Culver Props – The Story Behind Their Wooden Propellers

Have you ever wondered how a wooden propeller is made? Alaina Lewis from Culver Props will show you how she does it on Facebook and Instagram. In detail. And it’s fascinating.

Alaina is a third generation maker of beautiful wooden propellers for experimental aircraft.

Once you hear this podcast, hear about her family’s aviation history, and see her talented work via her prop-making pictures and videos, I bet you’ll fast become a fan.

And if you’re a fan (and how can you not be), we’ve got Culver Props t-shirts at!

Take a listen to the Preferred Altitude Podcast Episode "Culver Props – The Story Behind Their Wooden Propellers".


The Preferred Altitude Podcast is an aviation podcast that strives to share some of the many fascinating stories about unique and timeless aviation. More podcast episodes are available at:

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