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Preferred Altitude Podcast Episode – Piper-Stinson

You’ve probably heard of Stinson aircraft before, and you’ve probably heard of Piper aircraft before, but have you ever heard of a Piper-Stinson?

Most people haven’t heard of a Piper-Stinson airplane, and I think you’re going to enjoy learning more about this unique aircraft, and the story behind Mike and Sasha White, the husband and wife who own this special Piper-Stinson.

This episode was recorded at Sun ‘n Fun 2018 in the Vintage Aircraft Camping area, so you’ll hear some fun airplane interruptions too!

And if you’re a Stinson fan, Preferred Altitude, LLC has got great Stinson apparel and gear. Check it out at!

Take a listen to the Preferred Altitude Podcast Episode - “Piper-Stinson”.


The Preferred Altitude Podcast is an aviation podcast that strives to share some of the many fascinating stories about unique and timeless aviation. More podcast episodes are available at:

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