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Product Availability

Thank you very much for shopping with Preferred Altitude, LLC!  We really appreciate your business.

Please note that at this time our selection of products is limited, and is anticipated to be through the holiday season.  Please check back for updates, and consider signing up for our email list for future updates.

Since the majority of our products are made to order, there is a bit longer lead time necessary which makes it challenging as we get closer to December 25th.  Please consider these date estimates as you plan your holiday shopping with us:

After December 5th – will depend on the item and be on a case-by-case basis.  Please email us at prior to ordering for questions and details - we will certainly see what we can do.
December 10th and later – Unfortunately it will be highly unlikely we can get your order made and shipped to you prior to December 24th, however please email us at prior to ordering and we will see if there is something we can do.

Please note all of the above are estimates.  We unfortunately cannot guarantee delivery of any product by a certain date, but based on the above estimates we will work VERY hard to get you your order in time for the holidays.  If you have any questions, please email us at

Thank you again for shopping at!

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