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Preferred Altitude Podcast Episode – WWI Replicas to the F-15

An extraordinary range of experiences in aviation!

This is a visit from Sun ‘n Fun 2018 with Retired United States Air Force Colonels Blake and Sandy Thomas. This husband and wife team have built not one, but two replica WWI aircraft together…along with a 200 MPH RV-7.

Amazing, right?

Well, there’s even more.


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Preferred Altitude Podcast Episode – Piper-Stinson

You’ve probably heard of Stinson aircraft before, and you’ve probably heard of Piper aircraft before, but have you ever heard of a Piper-Stinson?

Most people haven’t heard of a Piper-Stinson airplane, and I think you’re going to enjoy learning more about this unique aircraft, and the story behind Mike and Sasha White, the husband and wife who own this special Piper-Stinson.

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Preferred Altitude Podcast Episode - Aerobatics and US National Aerobatic Competition with Aaron McCartan

There are so many unique stories in our amazing world of aviation, and this episode highlights one of those stories.

I had the opportunity to sit down with Aaron McCartan, a pilot who really enjoys aerobatics.  And for the 2018 aerobatic season Aaron has a special role as the US Advanced Aerobatic Team Captain.

After you hear Aaron talk about aerobatics, you might very well be interested in finding out more about this special part of aviation.

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Navion Denim Shirt - New!

Take a look at this new Navion denim shirt!


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Preferred Altitude Podcast Episode - Nicholas-Beazley Airplane Company

Have you ever heard of the Nicholas-Beazley Airplane Company before?

Until recently, neither had I, and it may be the most fascinating aviation story I had never heard of.

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