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Wasabi Air Racing TWERP Sweatshirt (Hoodie)

Wasabi Air Racing TWERP Sweatshirt (Hoodie)

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You probably like airplanes, otherwise you wouldn't be here. If you hadn’t heard of Elliot Seguin or Wasabi Air Racing before now, it wouldn't have been long before you'd have found out about their stunning aviation experiences.

Elliot is an aerospace engineer, aircraft designer, airplane builder, test pilot, air racer, aviation world record holder, writer, husband, and father (to name a few).  Wasabi Air Racing (founded, owned, and operated by Elliot) works on fascinating aviation projects centered on designing, building, testing, and racing cool airplanes.

One of the Wasabi Air Racing projects from last year gained significant social media attention.  The TWERP (Tandem Wing Engine Research Platform) project modified a Rutan Quickie by replacing it's piston-powered propeller-driven platform with two small jet engines as powerplants.

Elliot's respect for the history of aviation and flight testing led to Wasabi Air Racing placing the word “TEST”, in large letters, on the side of the TWERP.  Placing TEST on aircraft involved in flight testing is a practice rooted in the annals of aviation, plus it looks cool.

Preferred Altitude, LLC is THRILLED to now offer Elliot Seguin's Wasabi Air Racing gear with this awesome shirt design!  Show your support of the Wasabi Air Racing's TWERP project with this quality t-shirt showcasing the amazing TWERP mission patch designed by Michael Lizama of Blue Torpedo.

Want to learn more about Elliot Seguin and Wasabi Air Racing?  Check out these links - you're going to be amazed what what they are doing!

Elliot Seguin - Instagram
Wasabi Air Racing - Facebook
Wasabi Air Racing website
Elliot Seguin - YouTube

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