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About us

This is a section of a website where you typically read many marketing buzz-words about how great the company is, its amazing vision for the future and how its products will be life-changing for you.

Well, I won't be writing that here.  

Instead I'm just going to tell you a little bit about myself and why this company and website is here.

My name is Pat.  My wife and I own a 1946 Ercoupe 415-C and a 1966 Piper Cherokee.  We love grass-roots aviation.  Getting the Ercoupe a few years back made a huge impact on our lives.  It introduced us to new people.  It showed us breathtaking sights.  It gave us experiences that we may never have been fortunate to have without it.  It quickly showed us how people can form life-long relationships with their airplane and the people that it connects them to.  

Not everyone has a passion for something.  We feel fortunate and grateful to have this passion for grass roots aviation.  If you're stopping by this website, I bet you feel that way too.

We also have pride of ownership in our airplane.  It's not fancy and its not a show plane, but we are proud of it.  

Frankly, we like to share that pride and passion with others too.

I started this small business to provide products that allow people (like Ercoupe people) to show their passion and pride.  I couldn’t find a place that provided easy access to quality products that allowed me to do this, so I started Preferred Altitude, LLC to serve that need.

So it's really that simple.  

I am very thankful that you have taken the time to stop by this website and consider purchasing something that shows your pride and passion.

Customer service and feedback is extremely important to me.  Please email any questions, comments, concerns, suggestions or compliments to

Thanks for listening.

See you around the airport!



Preferred Altitude, LLC
PO Box 252
Chuckey, TN  37641