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Aviation Links

Below are some links to some aviation websites that you may find interesting:

Ercoupe Owners Club
The type club for the Ercoupe airplane.
An large collection of Ercoupe information, including Ercoupe repair experiences.

Hummel Aviation
Home of Hummel aircraft including the Hummel Bird, Hummel UltraCruiser, and Hummel H5.
The website for the type certificate holder of the Navion, Sierra Hotel Aero, Inc.  Navion® is a registered trademark of Sierra Hotel Aero, Inc.  All rights reserved.

Plane Tales
The website of William E. Dubois and his Race 53 Ercoupe.

UNIVAIR has been a supplier of quality parts and supplies for General Aviation since 1946, including the Ercoupe and Stinson 108.

Wasabi Air Racing
Wasabi Air Racing - Facebook

Wasabi Air Racing works on fascinating aviation projects centered on designing, building, testing, and racing cool airplanes.  Wasabi Air Racing is founded, owned, and operated by Elliot Seguin, an aerospace engineer, aircraft designer, airplane builder, test pilot, air racer, aviation world record holder, writer, husband, and father (to name a few).